Can mom get a free hearing test/screening?

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Dooes your state have services for Vision and Hearing Impaired . Check your state web site....give them a call and see if she qualifies. Due to the fact my mon has macular degeneration and is also losing her eyesight, they are setting her up for a visit for a hearing test in a neighboring town. They are going to pick her up and take her there, and it will only cost her $250 for the hearing aid and everything.
I take my mom to Advanced Hearing Centers of America, they do free hearing checks. She purchased her hearing aids there as well and now they give her free batteries when she needs them, cleans them, free check ups every four months or as necessary. I can't say enough good things about them. I don't know where else they have offices...know for sure they are here in Florida. Good luck!
There are many hearing centers that will do free screenings. They want to sell you the hearing aids. You might take her to a couple just so you know the results are true and they are not telling you she needs a hearing aid just to get you to buy one. And check with Medicare. The laws have changed with Obamacare, and I believe well check ups and other items are now covered. The coverage for hearing may have changed for the better too.
Sorry I'm off subject a bit.....I found a lump in my breast and am looking for a place that gives free mammograms. Seems I saw that not too long ago. I had one about 6 months ago which didn't show anything. Then I had insurance, now I only have catastrophic insurance. Being a caregiver and not paid.
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Contact Planned Parenthood immediately. They can give you a physical checkup to tell you if it warrants more examination. And they may be able to get you free or inexpensive mammogram. They were a godsend for me in college.
Check the web and see if you have any not-for-profit hospitals in your area. If you do, they should have a patient assistance program which you should qualify for. Some have a lot higher income qualifications than you would believe. Without insurance you may qualify to have all of it written off, or 75%, etc. I work at a not for profit hospital so I know.
A number of hearing centers will do free hearing checks, as they hope to sell you hearing aids. I have taken relatives to Sears for hearing checks. Also, to other hearing centers--free checks of hearing.
I took DH to bot Sears and to another one, for free checkups, THEN he got hearing checked by his company
...there were a few small discrepancies, but that showed that he got fair hearing checkups,
... because he later had to file for hearing damages from work, and got hearing aids and batteries, for life, paid for by company L&I..
Companies that are paying lifetime L&I claims, can also try to wiggle out of continued coverage of stuff like that--we met a guy who's hearing claim was being contested by the same company--he was going thru Mediation to reinstate his claim. [[loud factory noises damaged hearing--hello?! not likely hearing will improve!]]

Something else to know is in most big cities elderly can get free hearing aid home phones. Call a local hearing aid doctor and they usually have the form and contact information.

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