What is a good food supplement, not containing milk products, for weight gain?

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Mom is 80 years old, has diabetes and is recently out of hospital after intestinal surgery for bleeding. Actually had two hospital visits. She needed units of blood, fluids for dehydration, potassium, etc. She ended up with a severe case of c-diff. She was able to go home with two weeks of antibiotics (Vancomyacin and Flagel) very expensive! However, she has lost approximately 10 pounds in three weeks. Seems she has to learn to eat again. She was always a good eater and enjoys eating. She did have a fever and diarrhea (said it was only one day) not so sure however - last thing she wants is to go back into the hospital especially at Christmas time! She cannot tolerate milk. Any suggestions on food supplements to help her gain weight? We would appreciate your input. Merry Christmas to all. Holly and family.

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I had my mom on a bland diet after colitis from an impaction. What I found recommended avoiding dairy and sugar, among other things. It was kind of like the rice and applesauce diet. I made her smoothies out of a lot of coconut milk (some people think that's soothing and healing (contains lauric acid, look for that) for the bowel and other irritations), goat milk yogurt (easier to digest than cow's milk), and applesauce and honey. Coconut is very caloric and tastes great. Hope she will like it, if you decide to try it.
Forgot: even though coconut milk has saturated fat and many doctors think that is strictly a no-no, especially for diabetics, not everyone agrees.
Wish I'd think of this all at once! Try intensive daily doses of probiotics. That really helped my mother. She is doing fine now.
AdvoCare has some pretty good products all in all, but Muscle Gain looks like your best bet for high protein. I didn't see 'milk products' listed on the ingredients.
hannah -the latest I have read is that saturated fats are not the "baddies" they were thought to be in terms of heart health, and that sugar and simple carbs are greater culprits
I think coconut milk/oil is a great addition - I am dairy allergic and do use it, but, unfortunately don't care for the taste much, but then I am not trying to gain weight either ;p. I make ice cream from it and home made chocs from coconut oil, and love both!
What shake or meal supplement is best for weight and muscle gain if my elderly mom is lactose intolerant (cannot have any milk product)? She isn't a big eater either, so any with vitamins would be wonderful.
Use fattening non dairy products, like soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk. If there is any kidney failure, avoid high protein products. Nuts are calorie dense, so any nut butter is good: peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter. BUT stick to the ones with lower sugar content; read the labels.

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