Where can I find a sitter for my dad with dementia that meets our financial needs?

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My husband and I are very active, however my Dad does not like to go with us when we go out. We always love taking him with us, but he becomes a pain becasue he is not the center of attention. ( along w/the Dementia, he is family patriarc and old Italian and very demanding) We need a sitter?, how do I go about choosing what is best suited for his /our needs? where do I look for help? Budget is a factor.

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In-home health agencies can provide help, abeit paid help.

You could see if your area RSVP (sometimes still called Retired Senior Volunteer Program) has\Senior Companions in place. This is a terrific program where elders who still want to be active can sit with other elders and keep them company.

Also, your faith group may have some people who will do this. You could also see if you have friends in the same boat and do some "sitter swapping."

Good luck to you. It sounds like you and your husband need to do some things alone. It would be nice if you can find a compromise - taking your Dad to appropriate things, and going as a couple to others.
You are in Florida? Surely there are adult day care centers around where your dad could spend all or part of a day. If he is on medicaid there shouldn't be any charge, and if he's not it's a nominal fee ($30 here in Tx) which includes two meals and snacks. Plus it gives him the benefit of socialization and activity. He may not like the idea at first but you need a life, too.
I contacted Granny Nannies and they are starting Thursday, reasonable rates too............thanks.
Another place you may want to try is your local organization/s on aging---as they may be a good resource----
Check with your local Office of the Aging.
Also, we have posted ads in the local college and have gotten a good response from a few college students who enjoy being with seniors &/or who are going into the social services field and appreciate the experience.

Another source is to locate schools in your area which offer CNA or HHA programs - a growing field - (Certified Nursing Assistant or Home Health Assistant). Graduating students are looking for work.

Other than that, you can call an agency but they are often $25 or more an hour.

Good luck, Toni.
Is there anything I can do legally to get my siblings to "help" with my mother? My sister and I do not speak and my brother wont help?
Try Granny Nannies,they are the lowest in the area. they are everywhere. 16.95 @ hr. Licensed and insured.

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