My mother needs pain treatments in a town 90 miles away from where she lives. She has no transportation and family is unwilling to help her. What can I do?

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help her
If your Mom is on Medicare, there is or should be a medical transportation vehicle that will pick her up. You will need to contact Medicare and the medical office she is going to for this treatment. Most medical transportations, require at least 2 weeks notice so they can put the patient on their route. Hope this helps you//ck
Perhaps you could look into "senior transportation" in your area. My Mother is greatly assisted by a "ready wheels" program here in No. Cal. that is actually a part of the existing public transportation service in her county. Also, the council on aging (GOOGLE IT) was able to give us ALOT of helpful information.
Good Luck, Skari Kari
My parents went to church with a lady that needed treatments three times a week. Several people from the Sunday School class would take turns taking her. Also the Red Cross took her whenever she was unable to get anyone else. Also ask the United Way for help. I wish her and you well. Charlene
I actually went to Health Net as my mother's Medicare Advantage carrier because they had transportation coverage. It provides gurney and wheelchair service if needed or car service for those that can walk. Do some research and choose what works for all concerned. Also, is there no place closer that provides the same treatment?
I also would try to find a place closer and then maybe paprtranist would take her and if denied I would make a lot of noise-I learned when my husband was alive others got many more services than I did because I would accept no for an answer until I learned I did not have to take one persons answer for the truth-it should not be that way but it is.
It did cross my mind that maybe we should have moved to the town where her treatments are, but we need to be in the same town where my sister lives so we can be together more often, and I do not have enough income to afford an apartment on my own at this time. In the meantime, some of the women from our church have offered to help out with transportation, so I am through spinning my wheels over this.

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