sgfielder Asked August 2010

Where can I find a sign in sheet for sitters?

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195Austin Sep 2010
Also get a receipt for all the times they come for taxes and to have if you have to apply to medicaide I found paying the aides themselves was not a good idea-one kept the money himself I think it was his wife's idea it is better to send the money to the agency or if you do use private aides and they get a check once a month they will think twice about calling and saying they can not come plus with an agency there is insurance in case they get hurt.
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JulieWI Sep 2010
I have something similar, only it is a 3-ring binder. I created a simple sheet for each day. They enter name, date and # of hours. I also put checkboxes for meds, shower, laundry and they days those should be done. I have a place for them to list what mom ate and also a place for comments. Been using it ~10 months and it works great. (Esp came in helpful when we had one caregiver who reported different hours to us and the agency. Agency was always just a little higher. We were able to use it to get the bills fixed.)
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castoff Sep 2010
What I did:
Got a spiral notebook & labeled the front.
Wrote up & printed out general instructions, attached to the inside cover.
RE: meds, diet, activities, hygeine, chores etc.
Sitters login/logout & write down observations/areas of concern so I know without having to call them.
Works great for me.
Hope it helps.
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