My sister is exhausted from being the caregiver for our parents! How do we get my parents in a care home I can trust?

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My mother has parkinson's and dimentia, my father has middle stages of alzeimer's, however he can take pretty good care of himself unlike my mother. They need to stay together, they still know each other. My father has a great retirement. Where can my sister and I place them? How can they afford to be together. Any advice? My father is a veteran of a foreign war also. Help!

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Talk to people you trust, do a lot of research, ask questions trust your feeling investigate, Go to various homes, look a t them, smell them, talk to the staff, see how they are run, if the residents are comfortable and clean, and content, even happy. See what programs they offer if it will suit your needs. Also, talk to your parent about this as well, and veterans associations. Go on line and research their licenses and complaint resolutions.
I have always said when asked the one closest to your home or a trusted family member or friend so you can drop in at variouse times and the good ones will let family members go into PT with them most NH's arounf here are about the same and small problems will araise but if you calmly take your concerns first to the immediate staff and go up as needed most things can be solved-and you do not have to sign is at the front some use that to call the unit so the resident is not being yelled at-and if the patient does not like the food and a dietician gives you a hard time have the doc write they can have comfort-I took my MIL Mc Donalds once a week which she enjoyed. Also have the social worker help you out with paperwork it is so easy for them to get information than for us to do and that is their job. Get to talk to other family members to get much info about the place and go in different times a day so you get to know all the staff,
Many Assisted living homes have rooms for two people. They encourage this. They charge a second much smaller rate for the second person in a room. Again, have home health care nurses come out when needed. Covered by medicare 100%.
Two links to veteran's info for you and your wife.
Most asst living places encourage the person who is interested, to come and have lunch (for free) with the residents and get a feel for the place. I'd also visit with the residents walking the halls and ask them how they like it there. It's not an exact science, going with 'your gut' is most effective.

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