Where can I find an independent living facility where my mom would have companionship with others?

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My 86-year-old mother has been in assisted living. She has been approved by her doctor for independent living, but needs help with keeping her meds straight (she sometimes forgets to take them). She has mild dementia which will probably become worse. I would like to find a place near me (I live in Boston VA) where she would have companionship with the other people where she was staying (at her current assisted living place, the other residents are too cognitively impaired to pursue interests and friendships) and where she can have a small quiet cat (she adores cats). Is there such a place?

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The Fountains at Millbrook is a very nice place. Google it to see if it works for you.
My mother lives in modesto ca..She has a roach problem and we are trying to get this under control, then we were going to move her in with us..She is going to be mad at me for I have 9 rescue cats and she has I thought maybe 1 cat, but she has four.... I am at a loss at what I should do, maybe just fix her heater and let her stay at her home...she is 89 and house keeping is not getting done
mbecker2, you would get answers if you post your question as a brand new one, not one attached to a thread that doesn't relate to your problem.
Try "A Place for Mom". They have been wonderful helping me to find places for mine.

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