Where can I find 24/7 in-home care for my mother?

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Mom is 85, diabetic, 10% vision, and needs help with getting dressed, reading mail, insulin loading of needle, errands, laundry, oxygen machine, companionship

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Most care agencies provide this but it can be very expensive, so much depends on your mom's finances. The caregiver's would work in shifts. You mom may be better off in assisted living, but that's for you to decide. You can call local agencies and ask for details about how much it would cost to have 24-hour care.
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There are two kinds of home care: medical and non-medical care. Each state regulates the kind of services that can be provided. What you describe is generally non-medical care. This 24/7 at home care does not have to be as expensive as a nursing home or be provided by shift workers. A select few agencies will provide 24/7 care provided by ONE dedicated caregiver for an extended period at fair rates. Calling local agencies or a Geriatric Care Manager may help.

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