Where can I find help doing the laundry, my mom has let the laundry get out of control?

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She refuses to let my sister or I help her, I am looking for a service in the state of Md. (Brooklyn Park) that does this service for them. HELP ME PLEASE

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Look in the yellow pages under "In-Home" care. Most caregivers will do light housekeeping and you will pay less. Regular Housekeeping businesses charge a lot more.
Look under dry cleaners in the yellow pages for one that does 'fluff and fold' laundry service. We had a cleaner that picked the bag up from my parents porch each Tuesday and returned the bag with freshly laundered and neatly folded items on Thursday. The cost was reasonable and they found they looked forward to the visits by the congenial delivery person.
thank you so much for all the advice, sdt, but my mom refuses to do it. She stated "I am not giving my laundry to someone" I did try to explain they do this for a living as a job. She does not want to hear it. I have offered to take her to the local laundry mat, use a lot of washer/dryers and get it done. Still waiting for her to decide, as the laundry keeps piling up. But, I do thank everyone for the advice.
Painter, it sounds like this is not about "laundry" it is a psychological issue. Has she always had issues with laundry or hoarding? There is something else going on here.
Mom mom does something similar. Whenever I have to do something, that is good for her, but she doesn't like, she goes into "mule" mode and I cannot get her to budge. It is frustrating, because in the end I am the one who will have to deal with it. You many have to get someone to intercede and "shame" her into letting you do it. Or threaten to call the health dept. btw, what is she doing for clean clothes?
Have your sister split her attention (take her to the mall or a movie) and do your Mom's laundry. Your Mother may be incensed by it, but at least she'll have clean sheets. Her need to control versus her well being is a difficult balance to maintain. My Mother had the same problem with dishes years ago. My sisters and I split the chore during our visits (sometimes doubling up for speed). Eventually, we were able to get a caregiver in ... and when they started getting flaky and Mom's health started to decline, I took over her care completely.

Hang in there and make sure your whole familly helps out as much as possible.

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