Should I be looking for someone who specializes in geriatric care or someone who just focus on my mother’s conditions?

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Need help finding a new doctor. Should I be looking for someone who specializes in geriatric care or who just focus on her specific conditions?

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When we took mom to her new geriatric doctor it was so differant from her regular doctor . They treat senoirs so differant . All the treatment is geared toward the needs of senoirs and the time spent with each patient is great. The docters take there time and are not in a hurry because they don't have a waiting full of other patients with all differant kinds of illnesses.
I love my mom's geriatric Dr. so much that my husband and I go to him too. He is so kind and patient and treats mom with respect. Her old DRs. where she lived at home were just terrible. They did not want to listen, just push pills, and push her out the door.
Geriatric care would be great. The Merck Manual puts out a great publication on Geriatrics.
I have to agree with eveyone else comments here. Geriatric drs are the way to go. We found ours when my mom was put into a nursing home for a short period of time. He was there house dr and we have continued to go to him. We never have to wait, he knows how to talk to my mom, he is patient and always spends time with her in the visits. When she was very very ill, he would call me directly and keep me update on her situation. I did not think drs provided that type of care and support anymore.

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