How do I find an elder law attorney?

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My 88 year old mother may need to go into a nursing home, and I would feel better obtaining an elder law attorney to avoid any legal problems with Medicaid, etc. But I can't seem to find any attorneys in my city that specialize in elder care in the Phone Book or online. Does this type of attorney always state in the description of their area as "Elder Law" or do they also go by another name that would include Elder Law?

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Good Question Dianne. I imagine that Elder Law as a specialty would not generate enough toward a lawyer's practice to allow him or her to support a family. Try "Estate Planning" or variations upon that title.
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Because of questions just like this from our members we have created a new Elder Law directory that will allow you to search for elder care attorney's in your immediate area. Below is the link in case you still have a need.

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You can also check in with your local center on aging or senior center and they can give you references. I got my referral from the in home care agency that had two on file. Just some additional resources for you. Also when you speak with them ask them for references and about cases they've worked on in recent years and the outcome. I had one that did a lot of POA, etc but hadn't dealt with litigation type issues. So make sure whoever you pick has experience with your particular need or issue.
good luck I hope your in another state other than PA....LOL we have had no luck at all with any elder laws or attorney's period here in PA....were at the give up point...

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