Where can I find a doctor that actually cares?

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Where are all the good doctors? My dad is getting older but that doesn't mean his care should be any less than anyone else. The doc's dope up the elderly instead of TREATING their problems. Now it's my job to diagnose, ask for tests and treatments? Wow, I can't believe the doctors around here just do not care.

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We found a lot of doctors are so young, they look like they're 12 years old, and what do they know about old people? I guess word of mouth is the best advice I can give you. What about going to an asst living place and asking the residents what they think about their doctor? I don't know. We got lucky at Kaiser and stumbled upon an Asian doctor who, in their culture, take care of their old parents and is really kind to my mother-in-law who is 86. Of course his first suggestion was that she take turns living with her sons at 4month increments. She immediately said 'no' and we all breathed a sigh of relief. But then again that's what Asian children do, so that was his first thought.

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