How could I find someone to live with my mother to care for her?

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Mom doesn't want to leave her house so we would like to inquire about a live in but don't know where to look.

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If she has the funds an angency would be able to arrange this if her health is so she can be on her own part of the time and just needs help with cooking and cleaning and being taken shopping and for appointments a college student would be good maybe a nursing student who could live there and do what needs doing. When my daughter went to college a bunch of kids lived in a house that belonged to a couple and they all had jobs to do as part of their room rent and were able to do more for pay and that worked well.
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Many agencies also have in home care help. 24 hour help. Agencies can be expensive, but try it anyway. There are many private caregivers who are very good.
Gwen, does your mom have a home church? If she does, I'd start there. Otherwise you'll have to do what the others have said and go thru some agency.
There are two routes you can use: agency or private hire.

If you use an agency, they will screen for you, pay insurance, and take care of all the paperwork. Another advantage is that they can send over someone in an emergency or if the regular person does not show up. Agencies generally charge more but will reduce their rates as the number of hours increases.

If you hire privately you will have to do all of the above on your own. You Mom would also become the caregiver's "employer" and have to take care of taxes, insurance, withholding, etc. But, you will pay less per hour.

Also, is there someone who lives in her town? I ask this because you really need someone who can oversee the management of the caregivers and who can check on you Mom occasionally.

It sounds like this might be a good interim solution. If she needs this type of care, a good Assisted Living Facility may be more practical in meeting her needs and more cost effective too.

Good luck.

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