Where can I find a caregiver to watch my father for a few nights a week?

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My father has a trach and breathing problems. He also has a feeding tube but is able to eat some things. Just need a break 1 or 2 nights a week to go home. What type of agency or private duty nurse do I need and where can I find one. My father is also diabetic. We have to give him insulin shots. Thanks.

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You'd most probably need to find an in-home care agency that offers nursing care. Many do not, but some do. In-home care agencies are generally very flexible with hours. Otherwise, you could put an ad in your newspaper for a nurse, or look into your local job service. Be certain, however, if you do this, that you do a background check and make sure that you comply with your state's rules on being an employer. If the person is an Independent Contractor, then you may not need to pay certain taxes, but if not, you may be liable.
Good luck with this. I'd try the agencies first.
I agree with Carol getting private help might be cost effective but an agency is the better way to go. You need an experienced person to deal with all the medicial problems-first you could see if your social service agency could be of help but usually you can only get that after a hospitalization. When I was chooseing agencies-before that we used aides from the nursing home he had been in during rehab and that did not work well-I would take to a few agencies and I choose the one where a person would come to meet my husband and me-and went to the NH he was in at the time and met with the staff beside him and me. Also it was important for me to choose the hours I needed. Good luck and let us know how it goes because we can help others learn how to go about things.
Thank you ladies for your responses. I called hospice the other day just asking questions about what they offer. And I asked them about someone staying at night and they said that they did not do that, that I would have to hire a private duty nurse. Then she told me she might have some people that would be willing to stay at night. So she is suppose to call me back this week. I will let ya'll know what she says.Thanks.

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