I cannot find an agency that will admit me into their care. What can I do?

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My husband has alienated almost every Health Care Agency in the area. It is my belief that none of them will admit me because of him even though the have not said this. They always come up with some other reason for not admitting me. I have been in a wheelchair since last July (2011). I had surgery on my left great toe yesterday morning. (06-08-2012). I will be in this chair for another 6 to 8 weeks with non-weight bearing on this foot. I cannot cook, clean, run errands, grocery shop, make my bed. do laundry, shower, or even change my bandages. I can get a skilled nurse in my home and am thankful for this. I don't understand the health care programs in my area at all. If I had known I wouldn't get help, I would not of had surgery. I would have taken my chances on gangrene setting in and of the course, the worst happening. I applied for a waiver on the state level and they say I don't qualify because nothing is wrong with me. I am able to throw a dinner in the microwave. Being on a fixed income does not allow for me to purchase the dinners required by a diabetic. Is there no justice in this rural area for the poor and needy?

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How far are you from nearest city? Have you called any state agencies? What about a Diabetes Support Group?

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