Where can my mother find others in her area that are caring for someone with OCD?

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I think it would help her a lot to just chat with someone else who may be living with someone with similiar problems. My mother is in her sixites and retired. I think a few email friends or even area support group would be helpful. she lives near Madison., WI.

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My daughter just helped me find this site. I think it could be very helpful to me, because I know of no one else who lives with someone who struggles daily with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that so often goes along with Depression.
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I understand why you are looking for people in the same situation you are in. Forty years ago when I had a child with a birth defect one of the things that helped me most was talking to other parents in this situation. Now, with a husband with Lewy Body Dementia I find the local support group for LBD caregivers invaluable.

Perhaps someone here has or knows of someone who has similar experience. That would be good for you! Another avenue to explore is to Google "ocd support groups wi" and see what you can find that way. The doctor who treats your husband may also have information about local support groups.You are definitely not alone, and finding others will be very helpful.

Good luck.
What is "Lewy Body Dementia" ? I have never heard of this. Does it have anything to do with OCD ?
No, nothing to do with OCD. I just used it as an example of knowing how important it can be to meet with other who are dealing with very similar situations.
Thank you for your prompt response !!!! Yes, each issue is unique, and only others who are experiencing the same difficulties in dealing with this particular issue will know what's it's like. I can't go to others in the family, because they "get after" my husband for any complaint I confide in someone about, and that makes it so much worse for all involved. Often I talk to Jesus about it, and He gives me strength, and maybe He's also helping me by making it possible for me to talk to others on here. He sometimes speaks through other people.
Hi Sherryk, I am living with my mominlaw for almost 2 years now. I know she spent time in a mental institution 50 yrs ago. I have yet to find out her true mental diagnoses but she is OBVIOSLY OCD. She has to get up & do everything, IN ORDER, the same exact way, every day! I'm here if she wants to talk. I am not an expert but understand the unique frustrations of living with this problem. It's very helpful to talk about it. I understand the glazed over look people get when you try to share with them. How easily they judge us because they don't 'get it'. Even my wonderful church family could not give me the support and understanding I get here. We already know that our reactions are not always what God would have us think! BUT we do have feelings. Sometimes we need uncondeming ears, to process through it. God is in control, even when I'm not! It's not easy. Otherwise we could breeze through it all. I'm thankful for the people on this site who take the time to be encouraging and honest with us. Love & Hugs to you and your mom.
I live in the "O.C.D." world every day. My husband has it--it is his primary diagnosis. I've gotten to know what he is going to say, how he is going to think about a certain situation, what he is going to have to do about it, because he HAS TO. It is definitely a complusion, and in some ways, a curse, because he can't help it---some things just have to be done in the ways he must do them !! I'm so glad to hear from someone who knows what this is like. Thank you hadassah !!!
I would love an OCD email buddy...25 years OCD sufferer over here and I am VERY VERY knowledable on the subject and therapies. I decided to make a difference and take control of my life. I absolutely have my ups and downs but I now know what to expect and what to do to bring myself back up! There's lots of good books and therapists in town. People need to understand that OCD can and is case specific! It can be fears of guilt, responsibility, harm, cleanliness, repetitive behavior etc.. My best advice is go to Barnes and Nobles and get educated on it!!! It took me years to figure out ERT (exposure response therapy) and what to do and not to do. Just as fast as an OCD spell can come on, it will go away. Love to all of MY OCD FAMILY We are all in this together!!! Medication has worked WONDERS for me and has Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Keep in mind there's TONS of scare stories out there. This stuff is absolutely NOT TRUE!!! "Studies" have been done that were not credible studies. Basically there were storeis that were published by a company that gave themselves names that sounded "official" and newpapers picked it up and publish them.. Please believe professional advice! There's sooooo much hope and PROVEN success for this disorder. Believe me I'm walking proof. My therapist told me I was the most severe OCD patient he ever had. I remember all the days I couldn't get out of bed, the depression, the anxiety, the rituals, the counting, the worry, the guilt, etc.. It will and does get better! I HIGHLY recommend cognitive behavioral therapy and medication.
Oh my gosh...you wrote 3 yrs ago and I'm just now finding this. very helpful. My husband probably has OCD and I don't understand it. I see a therapist about the effect it is having on me. It's hopeful that you have had some success. I must be going to the wrong doc. She doesn't seem to offer him or me any good suggestions as to what to do nor has any medication been offered. If you read my note could you tell me what medication helped you? Thanks and God bless you for all your information. All of you.

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