Where can I find a medic alert system for my mother who may not be able to push a button to notify someone that she is falling?

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It has been brought to my attention that as my mother's illness progresses, she will not be cognitively aware enough to push a Medic Alert button to call help. Also, even now when she is capable of pushing the button it notifies an outside company not the caregiver she is living with. I need suggestions regarding how she let's the caregiver know she needs her if the caregiver is outside. A whistle has been suggested but I was told that that was not the best idea by someone with the Alzheimer's Association and in management within the ElderCare case management system.

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Try calling your local Alzheimer's association for suggestions in your area.

It's true that most medical alert alarms worn on the body aren't useful after the cognitive levels fall. As for just alerting the live-in caregiver, I don't know if there is an option other than him or her consistently checking on your mother. Does anyone here on the forum have a suggestion?
My personal story is my Mother fell last December while suffering from c. diff, broke her wrist and being already weak, layed on the bathroom floor for 3-4 hours. Her recovery from c. diff was quicker than most (6 mos.) since I moved in with her and prepared yogurt, buttermilk, kefir, etc. from cultures and created much healthier meals with high protein and vitamins. However, after being in the hospital for 4 days, the bone in her wrist did not heal correctly, her disoriented and dementia condition worsened I work for a company (Care Giver Solutions, LLC) who sells a fall sensor button which automatically calls for help from the fall.
Several Medical Alert companies lease alert systems that will automatically detect when someone has fallen. You will need to determine which system will work best in your mothers situation. The most widely known is LifeAlert but there are others. Be sure to check the reliability of the company since there have been complaints against some providers recently.
Phillips Life Alert pendant alerts for falls. A rep of the company then blasts through their special telephone, addressing the wearer and asking if they need help. Depending on how large a home is, that voice alert should carry to a caregiver.

As for when the caregiver is outside, make sure she has a cellphone and the service will call her.

If your mom has fallen several times, the better answer is to have the caregiver assist her with a walking belt and a walker or cane every time she gets up.

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