I know my parents cannot afford to pay for home care. What programs are available & what should I be doing now to secure funding?

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My mother needs home care. My parents insurance will not cover anything & I know my parents cannot afford anything. Currently my mother doesn't have anyt kind of funding. What programs are available? Should I apply for SSI for her, or are there any other programs I should be pursuing now to ensure funding for the care she needs?

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Call Social Services in your parents' county. Explain that your mother is disabled and you want to explore the services available to help keep her in her home. In my experience, the intake social workers have a wealth of knowledge not only about their own services but about volunteer programs, and other community organizations. They can also explain SSI and Medicaide eligibility and get you started on the application path.

Good luck!
Check out 10 Government Programs You Can Access for Your Elderly Parents ro find programs available with funding.


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