Can I get financial help for a wheelchair ramp?

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My mom will need a really long one for her mobile home. I don't know who to contact?

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I got help with a ramp b/c my mother is in the state nursing home waiver program. I did an internet search and found this useful page that has suggestions on where you can try to find help. I found it by searching help building wheelchair ramp. Also you could try to see if a local high school has a construction program where they might do a volunteer program or maybe habitat for humanity. Call 211 from your phone and see if anyone can give you some contacts who might help with this.
Thank you, I will try these ideas.
my wife has been hospitalized for 6 Mo.she is now in a nursing for PT and Ot her do date to come home is Aug.15th only because her one hundred days of Ins. runs out. she needs a wheel chair ramp so that she can get in and out of the house for dialyses. We are both on SSD and tried almost everything.

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