Does anyone know of financial assistance programs to help pay for long-term care?

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We're looking into the VA assistance for my mom's care, but it's not enough to cover the facility she's wanting to go to. Does anyone know of a resource where I can search for other financial assistance options? I'm at a total loss as to what to do.

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If she is relatively close in income between what she already has and the potential VA funds, you may be able to talk to the ALF and ask if they would accept what she can pay.
Their goal is to keep rooms filled. Doesn't hurt to ask.
I am assuming the facility is private pay (no Medicaid). The options are to find a facility that accepts Medicaid or find the funds. Maybe a financial planner could look at the big picture and give you some helpful suggestions. Many on this site are in the same position, we cannot find acceptable care for our parents within their and our financial limitations. Good luck.
My dad is a veteran and I was looking into the Aid and Attendance from the VA to help cover the assisted living cost. My question is it is my mom who needs pretty much total care. She can feed herself but that is all due to Parkinson's. Since my father is still living can I apply for this help from the VA to cover some of the her care cost or does it only cover my father?
Just found out that room and board at mom's facility is 683.00 per mo. Medicad payed for 2114.40 I was under the assumption from office of the assisted living home that medicaid took care of all any suggestions? Mistake just be careful with medicaid
Summer, is the $683 room and board your parent's Share of Cost? Medicaid pays for the costs ABOVE what the Share of Cost that the patient can pay per month from their assets and income is determined to be (if you make no money, Medicaid pays all...if you have a monthly income, Medicaid only pays part of the monthly room and board and the patient pays the rest). When a person goes on Medicaid, all money they receive monthly as income like pension, social security, etc. goes to pay for care (except for a small personal needs allowance anywhere from $60 up to $150 per month depending on the state). Money for the patient's Share of Cost is paid to the facility either directly by the pension plan/social security or by the family if the patient's social security/pension is still being deposited to patient's own bank account. The calculation of the patient's Share of Cost is provided to the nursing home and to the patient (or their Power of Attorney/Guardian) when Medicaid is approved. If your mom's share of cost was paid to the facility properly, ask the financial office for an itemized accounting of where the $683 comes from. They should be able to give you a breakdown so that you can talk with the Medicaid social worker that is assigned to your mom. Often family does not realize that money that a parent gets as income ALL has to go to nursing care and cannot be kept by family to use for house, car, credit card payments, etc. Medicaid covers the expenses above what the patient can reasonably be expected to pay, not all expenses unless you are indigent.

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