Where can I find financial assistance for incontinence supplies?

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I wish there were as this is a huge need, but I don't know of any. If any readers know of some financial support for this, please let us all know.
Contact your local ADRC or AAA (Aging Disability Resource Center or Area Agency on Aging) their should be a Family Caregiver Grant, this grant is typically used to provide respite but can be used for whatever is necessary to keep the client in the home as long as possible, i.e. incontinence supplies. The grant is often very small but any help is useful. Also be sure you have explored all options with your area's medicaid programs, such as CLTC (community long term care) which often have much higher income limits and are based on a patients ability to care for themselves. Again your ADRC or AAA will be most knowledgeable about your area's programs. Should you need assistance locating your ADRC or AAA.
I would like to know if there is any assistance program from Allegheny County, PA for the elderly. I am trying to take care of my 91 year old great aunt.. need to know what is available to her to help us with her care.. incontenence.. funding for pullups. and any thing else available to her.. Please help!
If you are eligible for medicaid (not medicare) these supplies will be provided free of charge. Hospice will also provide them if you are enrolled
lynnann15, call your county's Social Services, explain your role, and ask for an intake interview or a needs evaluation for your aunt. These people are experts on what is available through the county and also on other resources in your community. It is a great starting point.

My husband's incontinence supplies are provided through one of the programs he is on. I just call when we're getting low, and they send out a case. He is on Medicaid and Elderly Waiver, and frankly I'm not sure what program provides this. We do pay a fairly large "spend down" each month, because his SS check is relatively large. I would never have found my way to all the services we now receive if I hadn't started with Social Services. Good luck!

Roseanne contact your local not for profit hospice. They will usually be glad to accept new non opened packets of supplies. You could also put an ad in your local penny saver and i am sure someone would appreciate them. Craig's list is also an option.
I would also like to know if there is assistance with pull-ups.
I'd like to know also. So far, nothing! :(
Bfils, That's very kind of you. If no one here can get them from you, I'm sure some Senior Centers in your area would love to share them.
Sorry for your loss, job well done.
I'm helping a Mother in Florida to take care of her incontinent adolescent daughter with diabetes...she needs a type of plastic pants for day & night that will be more protection....Any help would be great......thank you, I work for an agy. & want to remain anonymous

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