My mom doesn't qualify for Medicaid; therefore, we cannot place her in a nursing home. Is there any financial assistance for dementia prescriptions?

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If she does not qualify it is because she has too much in assests she would have to spend down her money and then would be able to get medicaide-medicaide is for elders with very little assests would she be able to get medicaire part D or another perscription program that would pay much of the meds it would be cheaper than paying full price -many docs have closets full of meds given to them by sales reps and might be willing to give you samples-that would be something to look into-the reps do that so pt. will start taking their companies meds and will probably continue because almost everyone has some kind of RX plan now.
If you mother takes "Namenda", you can go online to complete a form for extra assistance from the manufacturer. Her doctor would need to sign the form and the drugs would be mailed to the doctor's office. However, the manufacturer will send several bottles of this prescription for those who qualify. Just google "Namenda".

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