What do I do when my father needs assisted living but refuses to leave his home?

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if there is a major health or safety concern, it can be judge ordered if necessary. of course that is not the road that anyone wants to take, but sometimes for someone's safety, it has to be/can be done. depending on where you live, you can call an adult protection agency (they have them under different names depending on the state) and they can send a worker out to evaluate his safety. They will try to put other things in place if possible (like home health or other safety things that could help him). There are lots of resources out there that people don't know about sometimes and if you get a good worker they can help with that and he may be able to function better at home. If that isn't a good option and his safety is at risk, they can take it to a judge if a doctor deems that based on the situation, your dad can't make this decision on his own. It depends on the situation of course. If he is too cognitively impaired to decide on his own to move, then the state usually would make him. If not, they wouldn't violate his right to make his own decision.
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