What should I do when my elderly father-in-law starts saying he wants to die?

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He has severe memory loss, so he doesn't remember when people talk to him, or what he says to them. He feels that no one wants him around, although he lives with us to avoid going to a nursing home. He is extremely depressed, a new development.

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Revship, think you will find after reading some of the posts on this site, that saying they want to die is quite common. My MIL had been saying it for years; it was sad to hear this and my mother use to as well, but not so much anymore. Many elderly become depressed with their lives as so much has changed for them. All you can do is try talking to him and reassuring him.

And, possibly, if it becomes severe enough, a medication might be in order depending on what his doctor might recommend for depression. I know this is hard and we want them to be happy; but it is a challenge. Take care.

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