Do they have facilities where I can live with my Mom as a caregiver?


I currently live my daughter. My Mom is 87 years old in the early stages of dementia. She lives with my brother now but it is taking a toll on his marriage. We were displaced because of Katrina. Living with my daughter and her 9year old is not the answer. I am retired so I'm looking for an affordable place that we can share and some services for her. Any information or suggestions that you provide will be appreciated.

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Maybe you both can share a small bungalo, house, or apartment?
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It depends on many things. If you both qualify, in terms of income, their are great senior apartments that are government subsidized.
You could also share an assisted living arrangement, but these are usually pricey.
As far as in-home government, sponsored assistance...there isn't much. Federal assistance is usually limited to after hospital care. Local state/city/county offices on aging may have programs for you.
Is it possible to find a suitable apartment and pay for some in-home care? Just an idea...
good luck
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