gijones Asked January 2013

What is your experience with Resperidone?


I'm worried this could be not good for my dad on top of depekote and prozac.

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EXPERT Carol Bradley Bursack Jan 2013
This is a powerful drug. It does help some people, but others have a tough time with it. If you are worried about interactions, try talking with a pharmacist. You can then take any worrisome information back to the doctor and ask more questions.
Watch you dad carefully for positive and/or negative changes. Document anything that worries you. That, too, can help you when you talk with the doctor.
Your are right to be on top of any medication changes. Your dad needs you to keep an eye on him.
Take care,
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My mom (who's 75) was prescribed Risperidone for her hallucinations and delusions. It really, really helped. They recently took her off it to try another medicine called Quetiapine (which is an antipsychotic, but also an antidepressant - she also has depression) and so far it's not going well. Her hallucinations and delusions are back in full force! It's only been 16 days on the new drug though and it can take a while for them to take effect, so hopefully things will get better. But ya, the Risperidone seemed to work very well for her. It was a fairly low dose.
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cathysres Jan 2013
My father-in-law was prescribed risperidone for a brief period of time this past summer. He had a horrible reaction to it, leading to an acute onset of dementia that required hospitalization. Once weaned off of it, he has bounced back and went from a memory care floor in an assisted living facility, then to regular assisted living, and now to independent living. Our experience may not be typical, but I would watch closely for any side effects/changes in personality.
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Mamoogins Jan 2013
If your father is on Depekote and Prozac, it sounds as if he has some sort of dementia/AZ. Look up the drug on the internet and then if you still have questions, inquire with your father's physician.
As Carol mentioned above, this drug can be really tricky and risky!
Hugs and wishes,
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donnaeh Jan 2013
This may not address your question...My 17 year old son is on Risperdal, and has been for years. He takes it at night to sleep. He's on concerta for ADHD, and before the risperdal, NOTHING would let him sleep at night. This was a miracle drug for our family.
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assandache7 Jul 2014
My 92 yrs AD Mom takes 0.25 mg 2x a day.. It was the miracle drug for her daily anxiety attacks...
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