How much should I expect to pay for full-time aide in home?

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MIL moved to independent living and is almost bedridden within a month. Wants to move home with aide at least during waking hours. What kind of cost does that entail? Would need showering/dressing help, meals, drive to doc appts (is refusing meds or hosp admission so may not need that), etc. Thinking morning til bedtime but possibly overnight too so likely more than one caregiver needed. TIA!

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Sounds like she needs a nursing home and by the time you get a CNA hired for an 8 hour shift times 3 with a minimum charge of $10.00 per hour, you will have almost paid the same as being in the nursing home. What advice is the social worker at the independent living place giving you.
I have somewhat the same situation, no ALF in my area will take my mom because of her limited mobility. I take care of her at home and hire someone while I work. I pay $11.50/per hour for 40 hours a week. The cost can vary depending on where you live. My BIL hired live in care for his mother in the Los Angeles area for $125 per day. The assumes there is a minimum of 6 hours of straight off time at night. In the midwest when we want to be gone for the weekend etc I pay $150 a day in the same situation. An agency is $290 per day or $15/hour if there is no down time at night. It is very hard for me to think about a nursing home for my mom. If she had dementia it would be easier I think. It is a sad but very clear fact that finances are often the driving force to place people in nursing homes. It is just too expensive to keep someone at home and then when their resources are depleted their options are even more limited concerning what facilities will accept someone on Medicaid. You need to look very carefully at finances and choices, the situation can quickly drain you financially, physically and emotionally.
I answered again this morning but it went to cyber nowhere I guess:) Finances aren't a concern as it is very short-term. One relative will front the money and be reimbursed from the estate. Her house needs work but is in a high-value area so will sell for more than enough for a few months of care. I am not even sure she will make it back home. She fell from the bed overnight and got a cut and bruise...she really needs a SNF.

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