What can I expect from a skilled nursing home for my 89-year-old-mother?

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You have a right to expect that she will be treated medically and emotionally in an appropriate way. Hopefully, the place is a quality facility where there will be activities and socialization that she enjoys. She will likely be negative at first - that is very common. But if the people are caring for her well, she will come along.

Try to be a team member, not an adversary. But also, you are her advocate, so if you see something you wonder about, ask in a friendly manner. There may be a good reason. I

Make sure they know about her as a person, not just a resident. Be realistic in your expectations - they are caring for many. But also, make sure they know that you expect good care for her (again, stress the fact you want to be part of the team so you aren't negative).

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