How can I get my mother to realize that her life isn't over, just because she can't see?

diabetiics is taken mom sight for years now.So much she is legelling blind . I try to teach her how to use ,touch /fingers but, she will not try to help herself. mom just tells me ,i cann;t see . I explain ,yes but you have fingers to feel with. Her action is you can do it so , just do it. Yes i do sometimes , but , she could get more out of life and more freedom if, she learn to feel things,t.v. control, and the cell phone ,i put tape on the ON button and she refuse to even try to answer it. She has a big push # phone at home she will use sometimes to call friends and family now , she at a rehab. home for 6wks. for her broke knee. That is why i like her to use the cell phone , i call every day see has any needs or wants but, SHE WANT ANSWER THE CELL. I watch my granddaughter 3 evenings a wk. help cut cost for my daughter. I look forward to spending time with her each week .I TRY to have a life but , mom want . Tell me HOW to get her to SEE life not over without sight.

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Hi love and welcome. I checked online and there are many resources available thru the Diabetes Foundation. You may have to do a little research, but maybe if someone else is trying to teach her, she will be more receptive and feel more challenged to learn.
Funny how our elders will accept something from others that we have been trying to do for ages..I pray you find some resources to help you and your mom. I apprciate how hard you are trying with her, but sometimes they are not going to listen to us... hugs to you and let us know how things are going for you..another place you can post is on the thread, The Care Giver... how are YOU.... you can vent and be heard, not shamed and possibly find more resources.... hope this helped... hugs to you and your mom..
My mother-in-law is also legally blind due to macular degeneration. I got her the strongest eye glasses that the doctor would make for her, but the up close stuff she can't see. Now with macular she has some peripheral vision, but she forgets to turn her head (she also has dementia) to take advantage of seeing better. I have found at least with her, that much depends on a person's personality. She is a stubborn do-it-yourself type of person, so she tries really hard to do just that, do-it-herself. I got her a talking wrist watch which she loves, and she needs a walker to keep her from stumbling. When you think back about your mom, has she always been the type of person that lets other people do things for her, of maybe gives up soon after not being successful with something?
Those questions could give you an insight into how she's going to react to being blind now. If she has been a stubborn, I can do it myself person all her life, then there's still hope I think. Otherwise, you're in for a fight to get her to change now. Sorry.
Hello LOA, my Mother is also legal blind from macular degeneration, and glaucoma, plus Lewy Body dementia effects sight. Messages from brain to organs are confused as dementia progresses. What we assume might be a logical substitution-- "use your other senses"-- just does not seem to compute
with them. Coordination, or learning a "new task" at an advanced age is also limited. I have recently contacted the Braille Institute to find out what they offer to help legally blind elders, and they have sent an application for free library service, and a brochure which has several ideas that you could help your Mom with. Be patient with her. It must be difficult for them:( Blessings. Christina
I am sure that your Mom has lost her sense of independence, and the adjustment is difficult---Keep on trying different methods, and also be very supportive with her as well....In time she will hopefully latch on to something that works-and you also will be happy about as well---Patience -I guess is key at this time....
Best, Hap

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