My parents are unable to prepare their own meals and will not accept assistance from outside. What should I do?

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Contact their CHURCH and ask the pastor to visit. Most of the time our elders will listen to a 'man of the cloth' regarding accepting help. Even if they are not members of the church, (or any church) go to YOUR church and see what can be done.

Why not 'invite' some friends over and prepare some 'crock pot meals' or 'vacuum seal' meals for your parents and OTHER needy elders in the area!! Then invite your parents with you to deliver the meals to the OTHER families first! "Reserve" some meals for them to have as PAYMENT for helping you! Do some basic 'grocery shopping so it is easy for them to have nutritious meals without much effort.

Shopping, planning and preparing meals takes quite a bit of work! "Meals on wheels" has ways of getting meals to elders that cannot prepare meals on their own. Talk to your local agency on aging for your local chapter.

If they are opposed to 'strangers' coming into their home, introduce the 'delivery person' as a friend of yours that will be helping when you are not around. It is better for them to be wary of strangers, than to trust just 'anyone'.

God bless.
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Are they fully aware? Can you have a friend or neighbor take the food over from meals on wheels or? and say they just made too much? My mom fell for that for several weeks. Or can you get a Aid to come over and help them and pass them off as a "gift" of a cook for awhile? Trying to make it seem as a gift is usually easier to accept then "getting assistance from someone". Once they get used to it it will be easier the get them to ask the person to continue, with helping if it is their idea. Good luck.
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