Is anyone caring for an elderly with a prolapsed rectum and herpes?

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can spread to the prolaspe? If so can this cause a major infection? I just called her Doctor.

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You answered your question by calling the doctor. I will say that herpes can spread and hope that you protect yourself. The prolapse is a great environment for the herpes virus. If the herpes location is in close proximity to the prolapse, the spread might happen regardless of anything you do. Unfortunately herpes episodes can be more frequent in someone who is prone to significant mood swings as some elders are, especially those suffering from dementia. There are medications that can be taken as a prophylactic and to reduce the episode timeframe if it does occur. While rare, and largely dependent upon the overall health of the person (your mom is vulnerable given her likely reduced immune system) and the location of the episode, infection can happen. But, if it might as a rarity happen, you can differentiate the normal from the infection and receive timely treatment. Take care for your own person.
Our Mom is 88, not a candidate for surgery and in a great deal of pain. Has anyone been down this road and have any suggestions for comfort measures? Can anyone give us a window into what to possibly expect? How long can someone generally survive like that? She has mixed dementia as well so can't remember she just went to the bathroom which seems to make it worse.
Tired daughter

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