My mother with dementia scratches herself to the point of bleeding. I've gloved her and she somehow gets through the gloves to scratch. Any ideas to prevent this?

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my mother has a spot on her forehead she constantly scratches. when she gets really fidgety I give her ,5 mg of ativan it calms her down. sometimes she scratches all over her head, you'd think she had head lice or something. I can't put gloves on her because her hands are clenched together with exception to thumb and forefinger from arthritis
no, mom is already on tons of antidepressants, etc. so I can't give her more meds. its sooo frustrating (for her because she doesn't realize she does it and for me, because the blood is eveywhere --- she's taking blood thinners, so takes forever to clot and...ugh, just a mess. thanks tho, queenmo1
so sorry does she have eczema
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My dad is in a nursing home and seems to scratch more when he's worried about something. The doctors have put him on some medicine to relieve the itch, but I think it's more of just a nervous habit. I have read mixed things about dementia and scratching - any comments??? In my dad's case, I feel, it's just a nervous habit or something he does out of boredom.
I am having the same problem with an elderly woman prone to eczema. She has a red spot just where her diaper touches her back thigh. I have tried anti-fungal cream since she is prone to yeast, zinc cream andpolysporin when she makes it bleed. I have now begin to put a bandage over it but she managed to scratch beneath the bandage.
Oh I also keep her fingernails as short as possible so she can do the least damage possible.
I don't know why certain people with dementia do that. I have seen that a lot over the years, working in this field. Have you tried giving her an anti itch pill, like benadryl or something? I know that benadryl makes people a bit drowsy or very sleepy, so maybe its something that you can give her at night. During the day maybe you can try an anti itch pill that will not make her sleepy. Also start to monitor the times of day that she scratches the most. It could be a part of her sundowning. Good luck. I wish you all the best.

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