Does anyone have an elderly parent with bedbugs?

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My father is infested and does not seem to care....he came for Easter dinner and had bugs on his clothes....He didn't care a bit that he was bringing them to someone else's home. He is covered in bites. I'm taking him to the doctor today.

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The entire proceedure to rid bedbugs is a lot of work. You will have to call an exteriminator. Everything has to be washed in hot h20. Mattress has to have a special cover, picture frames have to taken a part and washed, all his clothing will need to be washed as well.
My father-in-law is really nasty, but no bed bugs. When my husband and I moved in with him, his home was infested with cock roaches. I mean they were literally crawling on the walls. I even found a decompossing mouse under his fridge. I do not know why some seniors become so unsanitary. Maybe some type of mental decline.
I agree with dgrey63, they are extremely hard to get rid of, so you need to call someone NOW! If he comes into your home with them, you will also have them. I don't know your father's mental condition, but many elderly do get that way. My mom was always concerned about her appearance, but near the end of her life, she just didn't care anymore. I think she felt so bad, she didn't want to deal with it anymore. Good luck.
My husband used to work for Terminix. Bedbugs are extremely hard to get rid of!! His home will probably need several treatments. And yes-the last post was correct-your house will have them too so beware!!! If he sat on your furniture, they are probably there! That is how they travel, through someone's clothes. Call an EXTERMINATOR NOW!!! Make sure you get one that guarantees to treat until they are GONE!!! A one time treatment will not work-it will end up costing you more. I also suggest that you get one that uses a dog to track the bedbugs. The dog can check your house out too.
I saw on the show "infested" that people have to treat and retreat to get rid of these bed bugs and then if the spraying and cleaning doesn't work there is a procedure that heats up the house and kills all the bugs...maybe just go with the heating treatment to begin with since it is so will cost about $1,500 but if you consider all the cleaning and poison that has to be done the traditional way, it may be worth it. Maybe one day they will come up with a will for humans to take, much like our pets' flea meds, that will keep the bugs off of us! You are in for a big battle...maybe having to throw out furniture and beds etc.
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You may also consider putting a plastic zip mattress cover on his bed and pillows to keep them from coming out and it suppose to suffocicate the bugs. Wash everything in hot water with detergent including stuff animals or just chuck them out. U will defiantly need an extermantor and you can ask them what you need to do to keep them nasty bugs away. Good luck.
They sell portable steamers that you can use to steam the bedding. Also, bugs hate Lavender essential oil so buy a good brand, at least 2 ounces, sprinkle a few drops in hand and rub it all over your parents body and in their hair. I got my portable steamer off the internet for around $100. I buy my Lavender essential oil from Eden Botanicals or Ananda Apothecary. Get the therapeutic grade.
The only true way to get rid of bed bugs is with a whole house heat treatment. It is costly but VERY effective. Call any exterminator and they will help you with this. Unfortunately if your father-in-law does not care - chances are they will be back eventually.
Strange I see this today. Just yesterday a neighbor told me they had to get an entire new household including all furniture, pictures, etc. They got the bugs from some new furniture they got. It had been in a truck with some used furniture. Not sure if they tried to get rid of them before replacing everything. Will ask though and let you know. They settled out of court and so they were able to replace everything. Good Luck!!!!!
Bed bugs do not effect only the elderly but a lot of households in urban areas.We went through this nightmare for two years in a row.It requires a lot of work.Packing up everything and living out of bags for months.Clothes have to be washed and packed up.Your Dad's Landlord should be legally responsible for paying for the extermination.Our Landlord paid for three years in a row.

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