I'm disabled and elderly mother need transportation. Are they any services we can use to help us?

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my relative can no longer take us to our medical appointments.

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Here in Oregon, especially in Portland, we have TriMet system of bus/light rail & Lift available. Particularly the 'lift' option is what most disable people use. They will take you right to the door of whoever/wherever you want to go.

Try your local church or support group. They might be able to help you with some rides. You can also check with volunteer groups within your area. Do some research.... you never know what you might find :)

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What options are offered for trans. to appointments or personal shopping- cost-are they reasonable to coordinate with avail. Drs. hours
Is there a separate area for smokers, Perhaps a covered patio or porch?
In our Pennsylvania county you can get a special bus pass for a minimal ammount. They have paratransit vehicles which if you call the day before can transport you to and from doctors visits and other trips. I believe it's something like $3.00 for a trip. Check with your local transit company. Second call your local office on Ageing for information. I think you'll find it harder and harder for smoking accomodations though.

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