My elderly mother is crazy and has to move out of my house. What can I do?

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It said on your profile that your mother has vision problems. Is that all that's wrong with her? What do you mean by 'crazy'? That's a pretty broad term these days.
She is drinking, taking xanax, throwing toys at my grandchildren, calling my daugters whores, trashing my housing when the kids are making too much noise. We've talked to her docter recently and she doesn't have the severe vision problem she told us (that made us feel bad and let her move in}. She still drives to the casino 3-4 times per week. And, then she is really nasty when she comes back from there.
She drives and has money for the casino? Time to give her a deadline. "Mom, by June 1st you need to be completely moved out. I am happy to help you look for apartments but you cannot live here any longer." Don't listen to her pleadings, she lied about her eye sight, just stand firm.
Is she supposed to be drinking when taking xanax anyway? That doesn't sound right to me. And if she's losing at the casino, it's no wonder she's in a foul mood when she comes home. Which leads me to wonder if her money is going to hold out if she's gambling too much..... Anyway, I agree she should be getting the heck out of your house. Enough already.

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