My elderly father recently had his driver's license revoked. Has anyone encountered a similar problem and what did you do?

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He is still very active and wants to be out and about, but I do not have the time to be a personal chauffer. I am in the Chicagoland area so anything detailed to this area would be really helpful! Thanks!

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It sounds like your dad is able to understand that he can no longer drive. Mine did not. I had to fly from where I live a few states away and take all of the keys and impound the cars so he would not drive them.You should look into rides for seniors they usually have transportation available for a minimal fee.
If he can aford it he should think about a car service for most of a day so he can get many things done at one time -maybe one day a week. Help him to find ways to get around.
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There is also a lot that can be done via the internet -- Amazon ships everywhere. So what can he order that way? My bet is that you will find lots of transportation options for him if you can hook up with a adult day care system, or even a local caregiver support group. Those people will be bale to hand you names and contact information right on the spot!
Contact your local city senior services department, they should be able to advise you of several senior transportation services. Some cities issue cab coupons for measured local cab rides, our city offers a "dial-a-ride" mini bus service or as mentioned above a car service. Be glad they revoked his license its a blessing in disguise. My husband's 95 year old aunt continued to drive on an expired license and had forgotten to renew her insurance. He finally had to disable her car. She finally agreed to a marketing service to bring groceries in, but even that has not ended well. She fell and no one knew until my husband found her two days later! Now, exactly what she didn't want to happen has, she's living in a nursing home!!

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