I'm stuck caring for my elderly father who is irresponsible. What do I do with him?

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I'm an only child of a woman who drank herself to death and a man who ran around, had many wives, and basically did as he pleased. Was in therapy for years b/c of them. Now he's had a stroke and moved in with me two years ago. I've lost my job (dr's apts.), ruined my health, and am living in a prison in my own home caring for someone who dumped himself on everyone all of his life. I've tried to forgive and work out my resentments and I do love him. He should be in a nursing home, but not enough money to pay for it until Medicaid would kick in. I wouldn't do this to my son for anything. What am I supposed to do, just dump him in the street. Can't do it. So I am stuck and venting!

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