My elderly dad lives 350 miles away and needs assisted living. We can't afford his house but it will be hard to sell and it's in his name. Any ideas?

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There is a program available thru banks and some mortgage companies called a reverse mortgage. Basically, they buy your dad's house while he still owns it, and pay him monthly payments. Not sure of the details, but that might provide payments for assisted living. Also, if he is a veteran, the VA has a program for some vets that will pay for assisted living. I know that Lifecare Centers of America participate in that VA program, and have reputable assisted living programs. Also, in this economy, there is the option of providing a live-in caregiver free room and board, along with a small salary, to care for him in his home. I would investigate the person thoroughly, but this is an option for people who have found themselves widowed or without a job due to the economy. Hope some of this helps.
You can go to a Real Estate Attorney. My Attorney helped me tremendously. My mother was married to a Veteran. They offered to help. They paid very little because she has a small pension.
Some states also have Medicaid waiver programs that let people keep a reaosnable income and their own home and car while covering care that helps them stay in their own community such as day programs with transportation and at least a little in-home care. Ours would have even convered a Life-Line type of device and service. If you do not have that option, in-home care can cost about as much as assisted living depending how mnay hours you really need. I think there is more available if he is a veteran, as that's the first thing every company we ever contacted for my mom or dad asked me (e.g. Home Instead, A Place for Mom, and other home health groups, all of which my mom unfortunately refused to work with).
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I dont know where you live but more than likely the assisted living place will put a lein on the house to pay for his care.I would try and sell it or better yet, let him stay with in home care. Some people get live in care for 50k a year. Thats cheap, I never thought it 3 years ago when I started this journey but now I know that is a good deal. God luck, its got to be so hard on your poor dad, I cant imagine moving out of my home that I love, ever mind at an old age.

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