My mother with dementia is always talking about leaving. Should I consider elderly GPS?

Has anyone used this, know of a good company, prices, etc.

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I don't have a particular company to suggest, but if your mother is out on her own a lot, getting a GPS chip for her shoe is a good idea. You'll have a monthly charge to monitor her and you'll have to choose a company who works in the area where she lives. Try not to sign a contract, as you don't know how long she'll be in this stage and you don't want to be paying for a service you no longer need.
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I would encourage you to check with the companies that have the personal security systems such as ADT and Lifeline(that are the two that come to mind). Putting bells or buzzers on doors is a good idea too. Can you determine why she wants to leave I know this is common but sometimes there is a reason. When she says I want to go home what home is she referring to, it maybe her childhood home or she may be speaking of going to heaven? For someone with a strong faith or religious background heaven is often refered to as home. When I was a child my Grandparents was home, we moved alot and Poppa and Grandma's was always there. My point is home is differant things to differant people. Many times when someone is restless it can be a sign of discomfort or anxiety. Maybe a mild anti-anxiety medication could be helpful talk with her Dr or health care provider. take care and God bless...
The shoe tracking devices are pretty expensive, so if money is a consideration, explore all your options.
This 'chip' thing sounds good for a teenager too!!

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