My mother won’t wipe after a bowel movement, how do we get her to clean up?

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Oh ho ho ho ho...yes know that one really well just recently...okay if it's really bad...then I say heck with the wipes and I take my mom to the bathtub and undress the bottom half and use the spray handle attached to the tub to focus on that area and a soapy sponge till it's gone then put on another fresh depend and sweatpants. Otherwise youre standing there forever with those tiny wetwipes or wetted down toilet paper.
Thank you for your response Pirate Queen. The other problem with my Mom is that she has arthritic knees and has trouble walking. She walks w/cane and still needs assistance from me as well. She has fallen in her bathroom a while ago and will not get into the shower anymore. Thank God, she didn't break anything. There is only a stall shower in her bathroom, no tub, which would be hard anyway getting her in and out. I now have to give her sponge baths. So using the spray (which I used to do) is not possible anymore. Thought there might have been some special wipes out there that I am not aware of. Anyway, Thanks again, and good luck with your Mom.
I would like to know as well....we have found that after a BM and using the wipes to make sure to DRY the area well then applying lanaseptic.....It would be lovely to just put my husband in the shower, but that's not a possibilty!
My mom is now unable to assist getting her to the toilet, and I can't do it alone. I know this sounds stupid but does she just stay bedridden now and I attend her like a very large infant? I used to use the massive amount of wipes also, we only have a shower stall that she isnt able to get into now, help I really feel lost and dumb.

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