Why won’t my mom get out of bed?

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I have been mom's caregiver for almost 3 year and she has norapathy and thinks everything else. I am always trying to explain to her why she should move around but she yells at me. She just tells me how rotten she feels. I try to explain to her why she feels this way. All she does is walk to the bathroom and back to her bed. (This takes her a long time as it is but at least she is moving.)
She hasn't been out of her bedroom in at least two weeks , I am extremely fustrated. The doctors tellher as well as everyone else including my dad which has Parkinbson's. I have him in the hospital till tomorrow and he will be coming home and I don't want him to be upset again over this whole thing.I can's get her up . What do I do? I've tryed everything but scream at her. HELP!

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Is she also dealing with depression or what is it that makes her seclude herself? I don't know what norapathy is ... what is she like when your dad is there? Better? Same? Worse?

What is the cause of her "feeling rotten"? Physical? Emotional?

It is so hard to watch someone just exist when there is so much still out there for her to enjoy - I'm watching my mother in law do something fairly similar - but she is still living on her own - but has some of the same challenges.

I really have encouraged her to consider assisted living but she is not interested.

How are you doing? Do you have time away? Are you married/have a partner - to share the responsibility with? What does her doc think about what is going on for her? Can you talk with him and her together and make a plan to help her become more active/get out?

You sound like you are in crisis and need help ... what is the arrangement you have made with your parents? What other resources might assist you with your mom? I am glad you are sharing your situation ...

my mom needs to get out to take me to school and all she does is sleep and yell
Can you give her a job like going out to get the mail or newspaper? Put something in the mail box for her? What does she/ or what did she used to enjoy? My dad sleeps all the time too, the more he does the slower he gets and the stiffer as well. He will go for rides tho and if I offer him going to a drive in for a soda pop, he almost flies out of the bed. Hope this helps some.
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my mom was the same the last 2 months she stood in bed all the time and slept a lot I couldnt evern get her to shawer and change her clothes shes now in a nusring home she kept falling. she was t the point that no-one could handle her.
Neuropathy has nothing to do with not wanting to get out of bed. Does she miss her husband? Is she lazy? Does she want to be waited on hand & foot? Does she want to die?.....You need to ask her these questions & yes yell at her if she won't give you an answer. Sometimes they need that stimulation to fight back.
Another thought is friendships. My dad likes to go out to eat with others like Sr. groups but he won't play games. He does like to visit with other folks. So a social network, phone calls from friends, family and so forth. How about a religeous leader coming to visit and counsel? I am always looking for ideas too, so add ideas! My dad won't wear his hearing aids and thinks I am being foolish insisting he wear them for heavens sakes!
so sorry - my mom would stay in bed all day too - she cnt talk so i dont know whats up- she has alz and dem. so she can tell me - she tries but just mumbles and cries - for 10 months i have been walking her to the bathrroom daoy and night cux afraid she will fall - she did while broher was taking care of her and broke her arm- she cant take pain meds cuz they make her wander around - halluicinate etc. it was horrible- she wuld take off the sling etc. shes been on prozac for couple of years- was depressed cuz always was alone cuz brother worked- he still lives in her house she lives with me- never calls tho- she is 79 -
had that problem with my grandmother as soon as she gets out of bed strip it
tell her the bed is wet and smelly etc
wash the sheets that will take a couple of hours
do it every day if need be
i know it is a lot but you can get them out of the bed for all day if you want

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