My father is 97-years-old with Parkinson’s how do I know if he need s more medication?

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icaton or sleeping medication? He will get up sometimes and take off his pullup and go back to bed with nothing on and occasionally wet the bed. I have had five professionals suggest five different drugs for sleep. I have been waiting for the neurologist at the movement disorder clinic for two days to call me back re all of this. Any suggestions?

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I don't know about Parkinsons, but if he's not emptying his bladder fully because of an enlarged prostate for instance, that might explain the bathroom visits constantly. Just a thought.
Thank you naheaton. Took him to the urologist and actually his protate was okay and residual urine only 140 cc as it should be normally less than 100 cc so no med was given there. Finally heard from the neurologist and he put dad on klonopin 0.5 mg at night, so we will try this tonight and hope all will get a good nights sleep. Unfortunately, urinary frequency and urgency is part of Parkinsons, so we have doubled his pullup for tonight and will change it when we wake up if needed.

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