My mother-in-law is asking why we keep giving her the same thing for breakfast, but she will only eat toast & fruit. What can we do?

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Hi. Do you mean that she specifically asks for toast and fruit, and then after they are served to her, she doesn't remember having specified those items? Is it you who is providing breakfast, or someone else? Shy of recording her saying it and playing it back to her, which will probably irritate her, I would just repeat out loud the items she ordered, and keep repeating her request, "I am getting the toast and fruit you asked for.." etc.. continuously until I served it to her and immediately afterward, "O.K., here is the toast and fruit you asked for." If part way through consumption, she asks why she is eating that combination, then I am sorry to say that other than telling her she asked for it, I am at a loss. This is so sad. The poor thing. I guess as long as she doesn't get angry over it, then it will be more of a frustration than a real problem for her caregivers.
We do have pancakes of Wednesday's & Eggs & toast on Sunday. We gave her some hash browns the other day and she didn't like them. She will not eat cereal (she use to) but now "doesn't like it". I have tried both cold & hot several different kinds. She use to have jelly on her toast; now she doesn't like that. Must always have chocolate milk. If we miss a Wednesday; she does want to know why we are not having pancakes. Having problems getting her out of a "food rut" at lunch too - Grilled cheese sandwich or peanut-butter & sweet pickle sandwich. I do manage to get her to eat Tuna sandwich or cottage cheese & fruit from time to time. My husband & I live with her.

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