What should I do if I went to the bathroom and fell and hit my forehead getting up from the commode?

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I did not pass out, but I don't remember going to the bathroom.

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how old are you ? you prob should go report that to ur doc . doc may be able to pin point the pblms . becareful my dear . xoxox
Was this in the middle of the night? Daytime? Have you found yourself doing other things (or evidence you've done them) without remembering that you did?
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I could not agree with Linda09 more, except to say:
Please, call someone immediately and tell them what happened.
Call a friend, a doctor, a family member, your Pharmacist or anyone else you can trust.
Please !
honeybo- have u called the dr yet ? i was wondering how often does that happen ? sometimes the blood presure is too low or too high would causes it to not remmy what happen . blood sugar s low ? lack of sleep ?
best bet is to go see ur doc , keep in touch dear , i care ...

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