How do seniors get around without a car?

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Call the senior services people in the community where they live. Most have a senior van for activities.

Then, there are generally para-transit type buses connected with bus systems. It is not easy, but it can be done. You'll need to contact the community people where the elders live so it may take some research, but most have a senior meals program or someone who can point you in the right direction.
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Many larger areas have wonderful retirement communities where transportation to shopping and doctors is available free or for a fee for those who live there. Oh how I wished my parents would have moved to one of these places.... I just can't keep driving them where ever they want.
you can also call your County public health nursing office or human services and they would know of all transportation offered.
Our area does not have a senior van service, but does provide discount vouchers for the local taxi company. I had to take mom down there to register and she buys a book of them that lasts about 6 months. My siblings and I take her to doctors appointments and other important appointments, but for when she wants to get out or grocery shop she uses those.
In my area of south central PA, there are local senior community vehicles, but they can only travel less than 10 miles. The best adult day center is located over 10 miles away, so it is not an option for my mom who lives with AD. I have found friends (unpaid) and the adult day center at home services (you must pay for this service, but it is wonderful) to be our only support as it relates to transportation. It would be great if adult day facilities had free transportation for clients.

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