My 96-year-old grandfather seems to be tired all the time and complains that he is not getting enough sleep. Is this normal for a senior his age?

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my grandmother sleeps all day from the bed to the chair, sleep all day and claims she don't sleep at night but when i do my nightly checks she sleep. but will tell you she don't sleep all niight. she tired because she sleep all and and up all night and yes that normal elder.
I take lunesta cause i wasnt sleeping well and was so tired all the time. Its not like regular spelling pills,its non addictive,it doesnt make u feel groggy the next day. Its doesnt clonk u out like a tranquiling pill does. It jus relaxes u, keeps you in a nice deep sleep and 7-8hrs late you wake up feeling like you had the best sleep of your life. I havent had energy like this in years. Not getting a good sleep is the worst and i dont kno what i'd do without lunesta. Because its so mild,it doesnt slow your breathing, its not addictive at all,i think it be fine for someone of ur granfathers age. i really think this would b prefect for him to give him good sleeps and feel energized and rested when he wakes up.

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