What can I do for my elderly aunt who wants to get up and go but has not energy?

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Shes 87 and ready to meet the saints, but she doesn't want to wait around, but is finding herself doing just that. No motivation, no energy, She feels jittery inside, and we don't know what to do. She makes plans and then breaks them the next day. What is a care giver to do? Please Help!

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Has she seen a doctor lately she may have a health problem she may be anemic maybe she needs something to calm her down has there been a change we take my 93 yr. old aunt out for pizzia every so often and she loves that-some women at my senior center are in their 90's and I would never know would it be possible to have some ladies come to visit or is there a senior center around also they have books on tapes or large print books she might enjoy going to a library or watching some old movies-let us know how things go for you and good luck-has she lost a lot of her friends recently?
The longer a person does nothing outside of their regular routine, the harder it is to do something different. It's like being stuck in a rut that you are afraid to venture out of. If it were my mother, I would insist she take a walk with me around the neighborhood one day. I would force her out of her little world a little everyday and see if that might jump start her wanting to get out once in awhile. (that is if there's not some medical reason for her actions.)

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