What do you do about parent who sleeps all day, refuse to get up or take meds?

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How old is your parent? How long has this all-day sleeping been going on? What is the medical condition? Would hospice be appropriate?
Do you live with them or are they living alone?
If you are living with them first take them to the doctor to see if there is something going on. Second put them on a schl. it helps my father alot to stay on the same schl. getting up eatting taking meds, and going to bed at the same time. Did your parent just lose someone? Hope this helps
My mother has been evaluated for all sorts of things that might lead to her sleeping most of the day, but nothing specific has been found, though she has several health conditions. She is on Ritalin now, which seems to help, but I think it is affecting her appetite, which is not good for her either. It also doesn't resolve issues of motivation, depression, and having a schedule--which I think would do more than anything else to get her going. But it's like pulling teeth to get someone to do something they don't want to or don't feel like doing (especially when they won't explain why or don't know why themselves). You could try a sleep study, if insurance would cover it and otherwise try to rule out other medical causes. I wish you the best of luck and sympathize with your situation.
My dad was sleeping a lot when he was diagnosed with CHF & had leg infections. It became worse after his best friend of over 50 years died. Dad also fought me every time I filled his pill box or we picked up prescriptions. The doctor (who he loved) told him there was nothing he could eliminate. Does your mom live with you? Do you as a caregiver have the support of family or friends? Your mom's dr should be able to connect you with a social working. Good luck to you I know it's a difficult situation.

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