What is causing my mother to moan and shout, for no apparent reason, in the middle of the night?

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My mother, who has been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, is getting me up 2-3 times at night with moaning, groaning, and someitmes shouting...she is not aware of doing this while it is happening...sometimes, it is a bad dream...usually not...when I ask why she is shouting, she can only say "I don't know..." Has anyone else experienced this? It is becoming very difficult to bear.

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What meds is she taking? Certain sleeping medication....even Nyquil!....can give people bad dreams or cause them to act this way. My mothe was vey sensitive to Lorazipan (sp? a tranquilizer, I think).
She is taking Ativan (lorazepan) at night to help her anxiety and to help her sleep...she had the problem though, before she was taking this...it was one medication prescribed to HELP her sleep...it seems to help her sleep for the 1st couple of hours...but the problem crops up after it wears off...the docotr is aware of the problem and has told me to stop one of her pain pills, tramadol...but so far (2 days) it has not helped...
nothing helps elders to sleep . believe me my father is takin tradazon and it s strong enough to put a horse down . oh not my father , he still wakes up a hollarin , moaning . i just let him hollar out and he will fall back to sleep . he too dont know why he does that for ..
dementia over powers all drugs they take . thats how thier mind works . alz is the same way too .
i just keep on giving him his bedtime meds and let him wake up all he wants thru outy the night and i wake up to lol .
My mother used to shout, groan, moan and she's awake most of the night before a stroke in March. She now can't talk and eat by mouth. As she can't talk, she cannot do what she used to before--shout, groan, and moan. But she still is awake most of the night time. The doctor can't give explanation but says this is typical of old people.
Hm....thanks...not encouraging, but at least I know I am not alone in this...and that it is not so uncommon....well, off to bed...hopefully to sleep...at least for a little while.
What does her physician have to say about this? I definitely remember my mother being very anxious starting at about dusk after taking lorazepan. She's had a stroke and couldn't speak but she did groan a lot, though never during the night.
Perhaps some soft music, or soothing sounds (ocean...rain...) would help your mom calm herself and go back to sleep? This sounds terrible for you. Do you think you need to "stand guard" all night? Does you mother try to get out of bed and is therefore in danger of falling? Can you drown out her yelling somehow and sleep through it, or do you need to always go in and check on her? This reminds me of when my children were little...that it was better to ride out the crying for awhile so they could learn to go back to sleep. Has your mother gotten used to your attention during the wee hours and that it's now a habit? Just brainstorming here. I would ask the doc if there's something else she could take for sleep. I used to keep a baby monitor next to me at night so I could hear my mother. After a couple of months, I turned it off...it drove me crazy to hear every little noise.
Oh sorry...I jst reread your post about the doctor's advice. Perhaps a second opinion? You need YOUR sleep!
good morning , woke up at 5 am , hearing dad hollaring . end up puttin him in the shower and now he is eating his b-fast . he will sleep all day if i let him . i think im takin him out for a ride today .
yes dad likes to hear his old time music , i put his favorite pasty cline disk in and play it till he falls sleep . bless pasty clines heart she always puts him to sleep . but he wakes up after 2 hrs finding himself all wet . clean him up and play that good ole pasty cline again . :-) he is 86 yrs old , diabete , heart pblms , dementia otherthan that he is a sweet old man .
always very polite , says thank you everytime i help him . bless his heart ...
She can't get up on her own so I don't worry about her roaming during the night...I tried the monitor early on too but gave up as it kept me awake all night hearing every sigh or mumble. It is just so strange because her anxiety is so much better now during the day...she is on an antidrepressant abd, we keep her pretty busy...caregiver or senior center while I work in my home office during the day and she only takes 1 hour nap in the afternoon...if she is left to sleep much longer she becomes depressed and very moody. It seems like all the anxiety comes out at night...she is missing my Dad and feeling so bad about all of her infirmities...and the moans and groans and noise she makes...well, she is often very unaware that she is doing this and it is not really a nightmare. The nurse at the neurologist said it happens because people with dementia cannot contol what would make you or me have restraint and not cry out...but she is often asleep or nearly so when she is crying out...I am going to try the soft music...already got some Cds and will get a Cd player for her room...wish me luck.
I do wish you luck and let us know if the music worked. Anything is worth a try at this point.
I had my mom with me for 8 months before she died, and I do remember that it was gratifying, and yet very frustrating and lonely. Looking back, however, it just seems like a "blip" on the radar screen. You'll get through this. I just hope you can get some sleep! Hang in there.

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