Why is my mother refusing her medications?

For a few months now, My mom with dementia has been reluctant to take her meds, It started out with her just not taking them once in a while, but lately, since I have been staying with her at med time to make sure takes them, she has started to outright argue with me. This is not ike her, she is usually very cooperative about everything. I keep hoping it's just a temporary thing and that she will forget it one day and go back to taking them without a thought but it's going on for too long and I need to find a way to make her take them.
Any Ideas?

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A matter of fact approach may help. If you are anticipating she will be uncooperative, you may be projecting doubt and she is picking up on it.
Maybe start a conversation about what you two, or she, is going to do after she takes her meds?
Perhaps the term "redirect" is pertinent here. It seems we must make adjustments often to cope with the little darlings. When you say you " have been staying with her at med time", what were you doing before? Maybe ask her how she feels about taking something that helps keep her well --a question to which she cannot say "no, I don't want to."
Hope you find the solution, Ted:)))

Thanks, Christina. when I mentioned I was Staying with her at med time, I meant that I actuall y stand or sit there with her when I give her the meds and watch and try to talk her into taking them. I think making a big deal out of it like that is probably a mistake,, but when I am more casual about it she just doesn't take them. I do plan to watch for one of her more lucid moments to discuss it with her and hope to get past this.
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you didn't say what meds she was on. Is is possible it is time to have her reassesed and see if something may need to be added. The only time Ruth would refuse meds was when she was getting agitated. I would wait a while and try again. Sometimes if I just went up to her, not at med time, and said here's your blood pressure pills, she would take them. It was not always BP meds, but she would take them. I would stay and make sure she took them. There are some meds that can not be crushed, so make sure you can if you decide to put them in her food. Depending on what meds she is on, there are some in suppository form. I am sure that would not make her happy.
You will need to figure out ways to make this easier on you both. What worked some days with Ruth did not work other days. Hence the roller coaster ride of Alz.Is she telling you why she doesn't want to take them? I'm sure you will get a lot of suggestions, let us know what works for you and mama. Hugs to you
Thanks, Ladee, I haven't spoken to the doc about it yet, but maybe there is something about them that is bothering her in some way, and maybe a change is needed.
Love Ya.
Hi Ted, Sorry to hear about the meds. If she was taking the meds without you being there & now you wait for her to take them & argue with her about not taking them.....IF (BIG IF) she is getting like my Mom, it's about the attention and/or the stimulation of the battle that may make her feel more alive. I really hope this is not the case, but consider & evaluate to see if there is a pattern developing.
I know how hard it can be, but try to be upbeat? with pleasant tones & encouragement?
Ladeda has a good point too & maybe a re-eval of her meds?
Castoff, thanks, that's a good point, It may well be that she is enjoying the the "scene" we go through. I've noticed things like that before. At one point a few months ago, she started letting the dog out to run the neighborhood and continued to do it, when I wasn't watching, no matter how I tried to explain to her how dangerous that is for the dog. Thanks, again.
And of course you ran after the dog & brought it home? Born Free? Sorry, it's not funny...I've been "Jumping through the Hoops" for many years. All for the amusement of the Queen. I don't think they realize how exasperating it can be. Well, maybe mine does.
Hey Ted--have any other behaviors changed? Any other items in her daily schedule that are off? Just wondering... what about the dreaded UTI?
No other odd behaivors, I'll look into the UTI idea Thanks my friends!
Ted you know when I was growing up on the farm we had this gadget, for giving calves there meds, you put the pill in, hold there mouth open and shove in down the throat........just kidding, how many people peed thir pants just now thinking I was suggesting that lol. Sorry I'm in strange mood today. In the nh,in the alz. Unit, med aids would use those little square jelly things, like you get at resturants. Put the pill in it and give it to them with a spoon. Not sure what the difference was between this and applesauce but the alz. Unit is the only place I seen them do this. Couldn't hurt to try. There are some other really good suggestions on here.

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